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Basel Paper Mill

We had drinks in a rather posh coffee-house, then visited the Paper Mill. This has been refurbished — the mill wheel turns — and is occupied by a small business doing specialist papermaking. You can watch paper being made in the tradional fashion and even make some yourself! It's also The Swiss Museum for Paper, Writing and Printing, with several floors of exhibits which include presses, type machines, etc.

a tugboat heading up the Rhine
swinging the twins
animal decorations everywhere
Basel Papermill
the motorless Rhine ferry
hands statue

We crossed back over the Rhine using the motorless ferry, which is a boat held in stream by a wire across the river and moved by the force of the current. And we wandered through Klein Basel admiring the variety of sculptures and fountains.

After dinner we said goodbye and headed for the airport, stopping at the supermarket in the train station for Camilla to buy several kilograms of chocolate.

It's not clear to me that even Swiss chocolate is cheaper in Switzerland! Camilla found what she thought were some bargains, but my standard "400gm Toblerone bar" was more expensive in Swiss supermarkets than in Tesco.

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