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Bandung - Climbing Tangkuban Perahu

Postcard - 2nd September

[From: "Sue E. McNerney" <SUE.MCNERNEY@ASU.EDU>]

Hello! Here is Postcard #4: Bandung 2/9/94. The picture on the front (Foto Huang Rivo) is captioned "the Tangkuban Perahu upside - turned boat crater. just north of Bandung in West Java and can be reached by car." We can see two tourists with cameras looking down into the crater, the lava flows are grey-green in colour and there appears to be water pooled in the bottom. Here's Danny:

"The picture on the front is of the volcano I climbed today. I caught the minibus to Lembang (700 rp for a 20 km trip!) and then walked to the crater. The first section was on hot roads and open cart tracks, but some clouds came over and the track moved into rain forest, fortunately. I spent some time watching some monkeys in the treetops, then climbed up to the crater (reachable by car, unfortunately) and walked around it (which no one else was doing - Indonesians aren't great walkers). I was lucky it was a weekday - most of the stalls selling things were closed and there weren't that many people there. Then I walked back the way I came.

18 km and 1 km of climbing have left me satisfied that I am in reasonable shape physically. (Though it looks like some of the mountains I want to climb will involve continuous 2000m ridge ascents! (Ed: my apologies if that is not correct - this is how it appears to be! :-) ) It's one thing to read "3600m" as a point height on a 1:650000 map - it's another to actually see kilometers of 20m contour lines on a 1:50000 map...) It's 8:30 pm now - I think I'll go grab a snack before going to bed. No, I won't, my legs don't feel like it, so I'm eating here. Cheers, Danny.

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