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San Francisco - 6th October

[From: David Mar <mar@physics.su.OZ.AU>]

Postcard VII - 6/4/94 San Francisco

A sunset (sunrise??) scene. The bottom half is a foreground carpet of flowers: Poppies, ... er... more different types of poppies(?)... in red, pink, yellow, purple, and a bit of white. In the midground is a building which looks a bit like the US Capitol building, but smaller and apparently made of a white framework and walled with glass, like a big greenhouse. It's lit from the interior and surrounded by lush green lawn, a few palm trees, and some other trees I can't identify. The foreground flowers are lit by fill-in flash (or photographic lamps of some sort). Deep blue sky above, with words "San Francisco" superposed in a decorative white serif script.


Beautiful spring flowers carpet the entrance to the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park.
Photo by Ken Glaser, Jr. (C) 1988
Printed in Korea

Stamp: World Cup USA 94; a soccer player doing something incredibly athletic.


Golden Gate Park (picture) is very attractive - big enough that the density of visitors drops right off away from the main attractions. I did the tour - the Academy of Sciences (a natural history museum), the De Young art museum, the flower conservatory (a tropical hothouse) and the Japanese tea garden. I think I must have read too much ecology and anthropology though, as isolated tropical plants and art works are profoundly unsatisfying - I keep asking What was the context?

Then I caught a bus around the city (via the Golden Gate Bridge approach) with some great views (SF has some decent hills and some mountains as backdrop - something Sydney lacks). I walked back to my hotel via Chinatown, which is just a big collection of souvenir shops. (I had trouble finding somewhere to eat!!) I've just had my first Hershey's bar (chocolate), but it wasn't a patch on the wonderful (but really expensive) Swiss chocolates SEA introduced me to yesterday.

I'm not impressed with either the sales tax or mandatory tipping - why don't they just add it to the prices _before_ printing the menu? It's bad enough having to do currency conversions... Danny

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