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Sunnyvale - 9th October

[From: "Danny Yee" <danny@staff.cs.su.oz.au>]

Heh, it's nice staying in a house with a SLIP connection - I can check
my email in the middle of the night, or whenever I feel like it!  I'm
now staying with Sea in Sunnyvale, about 70km south of San Francisco
and right near San Jose and Silicon Valley.  Yesterday we went to
visit the Renaissance Fair, which was fun (it's a huge simulation of an
Elizabethan country fair which, since there were about 10 000 people
involved, was probably bigger than the genuine thing).  I got to meet
Craig and other weird and zany people involved in the event.  It was
very hot, however, and pretty crowded.  On the way back we stopped at
Muir woods, where I saw my first redwood - quite a few people, but
very peaceful and nice and cool in the shade of the trees.  Then I
checked out of the hotel and shifted all my stuff - with the dozen
odd books I'm now carrying I'm not nearly as mobile as I'd like to be.

This morning Don (Sea's cohabitant) showed me around some of the
computer stores, and I picked up the 2-CD Info-magic Linux set.
I've also bought a new hat (I lost the old one somewhere, which is
really annoying as it was a nice hat) and food supplies for Yosemite -
I'm leaving for there tomorrow morning and will return here in three
or four days (this way I get to leave all my accumulated goods here
and just carry the camping stuff around).  Then I will fly to Phoenix
to meet Sue and make a new base there.

Don and Stephanie (Sea) are both cool people and I'm having a great
time here.  I'm still in perfect health and ready for some more
mountain climbing!

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