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Greymouth Youth Hostel [aev]

Greymouth from lookout

Sunset [aev]

We went straight to the youth hostel, which is an old Catholic Marist Brothers lodging. Adrienne and I insisted Joe stay there rather than in some out of town camping ground, but he cooked for himself while we went out to dinner. That was in a western themed bar/grill where I had a nice piece of hoki (a fish that's a regional specialty).

We unpacked pretty much everything we had. Some of it needed drying, while Joe and I had to sort out what we would take on the next tramp. So the fourth person in the four person room we were in had a bit of an obstacle course to get through.

Wednesday February 6th

This was Waitangi Day, but no one seemed to take much notice of that.

Joe slept in. I had breakfast in a cafe by myself and wandered around the town. Adrienne went to visit a doctor to get some antibiotics for a possible ear infection. Then she went quad-biking, while Joe and I did a short climb to a lookout on the hill behind Greymouth, then did food shopping for the Three Passes. In the evening the three of us watched the sunset from the beach, before finding a pub for dinner where we could watch the cricket.

Before going to bed I read an entire trashy war novel (by JE MacDonnell) found on the hostel shelves.

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