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Herbert Gintis on general equilibrium and inclusive fitness

Books + Ideas — October 2014

Oxford draws some great visiting speakers and last week I made it to two lectures by Herbert Gintis, who I knew from his recent book with Sam Bowles, A Cooperative Species. The first talk was a look at General Equilibrium in economics, arguing for an approach with private prices and adaptive expectations and presenting the results from some agent-based modelling. The second was a salvo in the debate about how all-embracing inclusive fitness theory is in explaining evolutionary adaptation. more

Gary Kasparov on innovation

Books + Ideas — March 2013

Three weeks ago I went to a lecture by Gary Kasparov, one-time world chess champion, on "Reviving the Spirit of Innovation". more

Hans Rosling and the John Snow Society

Books + Ideas — September 2011

Last week Camilla and I went into London with two of her colleagues, to listen to Hans Rosling deliver the 2011 Pumphandle talk of the John Snow Society, "Epidemiology for the Bottom Billion - where there is not even a pump handle to remove!". more

9 Thermidor and the Origins of Life

Books + Ideas — May 2011

I went to two talks today, one a small Earth Sciences seminar and the other a big "annual special lecture" of the Faculty of History. more

Oxford seminars + lectures

Books + Ideas, Oxford — April 2011

Between Oxford University, the museums, and an assortment of other research institutions, there's an excellent range of talks, lectures and seminars on in Oxford. more

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