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cycling costs

Life, Technology — April 2014

I've been cycling for four years now in Oxford, so I thought I'd look at the costs involved. more

stupid investments

Books + Ideas — February 2012

I had a brief conversation the other day with an investment advisor from my bank here in the UK. As soon as he found out that I knew what an index fund was and owned shares directly, he told me bluntly he didn't think he could help me. more

Inside Job (film)

Books + Ideas — March 2011

This documentary about the global financial crisis fitted a surprising amount in - it was high on information and low on dramatisation and special effects - while maintaining some kind of a story line and narrative drive. more

UK and Australian housing bubbles

Books + Ideas — September 2010

The Economist's global house price comparison suggests that UK residential property is 34% overpriced and Australian property 61% overpriced. more

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