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The election

Oxford — April 2010

We're in East Oxford, which is a marginal constituency, held by Labour but with the Liberal Democrats only a few hundred votes behind at the last election. So a lot of pamphlets have been dropped through our front door and, since I'm at home most of the time, I've had Green and Lib Dem door-knockers.

I'm still getting my head around a genuine three-party system - the Lib Dems don't get many members elected, but do well enough to create a lot of three-way battles - and a first-past-the-post system. Some kind of preferential voting (what they call here "alternative voting") seems a much-needed reform, though everyone only talks about proportional voting, which would be a much bigger change.

My sympathies are largely with the Liberal Democrats - because of their support for civil liberties - perhaps tilted a little to Labour on economics. It's looking like the Tories may get a majority with just 35% of the vote - perhaps 25% of voters, given a 70-75% turnout. But the UK may be facing such trauma that victory may be a poisoned chalice...

My sister tells me that the Lib Dem candidate is one of her colleagues, an expert on Flaubert. Does that make him more or less electable than being an expert on Goethe would?


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