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Classic Car Show - Blenheim Palace

Travel — September 2010

Last weekend Camilla and I went to a classic car show at Blenheim Palace.

This was more Camilla's thing than mine — I've been known to joke that cars have size and colour but no hair — but the cars were rather cute.


a Fiat Arbath

a classic caravan

classic cars

classic beetles

We also had a quick look at the Churchill exhibition and the palace rooms. There wasn't enough time to do this properly, or to look at the gardens or anything else, but we got the free "annual pass" upgrade of our tickets (at £18 per person, extortionate), so we will go back sometime to do that. (The grounds are huge, and there's a butterfly house and other attractions as well.)


lake at Blenheim Palace

main courtyard at Blenheim Palace

And I will keep an eye out for a good book on Marlborough's campaigns or the period.


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