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spires from Carfax


Oxford — December 2010

from our back window

Again, this won't impress those of you in Sweden, but Oxford got maybe 15 centimetres of snow yesterday, which was the largest snowfall I've ever experienced.

Camilla and I walked up to Cowley Road, to the Farmers' Market, which seemed as busy as ever. But there weren't many cars on the road, and the ones that were were moving very slowly and carefully. My Dunlop Volleys coped fine, though if we'd been walking further I might have tried Dave Noble's suggestion and put plastic bags between my inner and outer pairs of socks.


our car under snow

Magdalen Road

bicycles under snow

a gingerbread house

The odd photo out is from a week ago, when we spent an evening with Iain and Madeleine making gingerbread houses.

For more photos of Oxford under snow, check out OxfordDailyPhoto.

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  1. More severe winters, scorching summers, floods, droughts, prolonged typhoon or hurricane seasons, deadly bushfires, do we need any more reminders of climate change ?


    Comment by DL — December 2010

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