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Life, Oxford — March 2011

Coming out of the Cowley Rd Tesco a few weeks ago, I ran into an old chess and bushwalking friend I hadn't seen more for more than a decade. John Pannell is living only a few blocks from us, and thought he had seen me cycling last year, but was sure it had to be me when he looked down and saw the Dunlop Volleys I was wearing!

We had lunch together today in the University Club, where we also met Eva Wagner, who had been with John and me on the very first walk I did with Sydney Uni Bushwalkers back in 1987 — when I came out of Bell Creek looking like a drowned rat and everyone was sure they'd never see me again. (As well as lecturing in the history of ideas, Eva leads tours of Oxford, so she quizzed me about where I took visitors.)

We talked about Oxford and schools, and about old bushwalking companions I haven't seen for a decade or more. We're planning a walk to see the bluebells in the Chilterns in April.

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  1. Cool! Say hi to John and Eva from me.

    Comment by Carol — March 2011

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