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knocking down the house

Books + Ideas, — June 2016

We've started the wreckers knocking down our house - and done enough structural damage to it that it's not repairable - but we haven't got any kind of plan for the new house, let alone started building it.

Only one of the three people in the house wanted to knock it down, and they overrode the opposition of the second person while the third stood by confused. The current house was a bit tatty around the edges, and it was promised that the new house would be just the same, except that it would have a fancy "control" system and better locks on the doors and windows. Only now it turns out there's no plan for the new house at all, the architects haven't even been selected yet, and building won't start for months.

Meanwhile we're living in a house with damaged foundations, with substantial sections that look like they're going to fall off, and the council is likely to condemn it in two years.



  1. A witty analogy, Danny - but very alarming unless one has a sharp and subtle mind or has read the background!

    Comment by Peter Krinks — June 2016
  2. In apparent contrast to Peter-in-2016, the reality alarms me more than the parable.

    Comment by Cameron Laird — February 2019

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