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Books + Ideas, — October 2019

I've been reading books published by Archipelago Books for some time, but a few months ago, in a fit of madness, I became a subscribing member, which means I get all their new books, roughly one a month. (I also got Helen's school a subscription to their Elsewhere Editions children's imprint.)

I've been enjoying this so far, with three out of the first four books being hits. Ida Jessen's A Change of Time is a quiet but powerful "diary novel" (my review). Antonio Tabucchi's Message From the Shadows is a striking short story collection. And Ambai's stories in A Kitchen in the Corner of the House offer feminist explorations and celebrations of the lives of Indian women. I was not so taken by the two novellas of Robert Musil's in Intimate Ties — indeed I only read the first — and I can see why they were not a success in 1908.


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