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spires from Carfax


halogen to LED conversion

Technology — April 2013

Our new house was somewhat overlit when we moved in: if all the lights had been working and turned on at once, they would have drawn nearly 1.5kW. There were twelve lights that weren't working, because of dead transformers or blown bulbs, but such was the redundancy that replacing those didn't seem urgent. It did, however, give me an opportunity to switch a huge variety of halogen bulbs to LEDs or compact fluorescents. more

John Edward Aston, practical chimney sweep

Oxford — February 2013

One of the things we inherited with our house was a folder of photos and documents of an owner from the 1950s, in one of which the house carries a sign "J. E. ASTON PRACTICAL CHIMNEY SWEEP".


outside the house, with colleagues (the front aspect hasn't changed in fifty years)

a page from the passbook


Catherine St

Life, Oxford — March 2010

Yesterday C and I moved into a house on Catherine St, just around the corner from my sister. more

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