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Catherine St

Life, Oxford, — March 2010

Yesterday C and I moved into a house on Catherine St, just around the corner from my sister.

This has a standard terrace layout, with a single living area ("reception room" in the UK) and a kitchen downstairs, two bedrooms and a bathroom on the first floor, and a third bedroom (my study) inside the roof/attic space. It's narrow - maybe 12 foot wide - and much smaller than our place in Glebe (73 sqm versus 120 sqm, and that's not counting the attic storage in the Glebe house).

The place is in reasonable condition, however, and the owner had good taste in furniture. She was also an academic who had a lot of books, and there are bookshelves all over the place. This is excellent, as I have maybe three to four hundred books arriving shortly with our shipment from Australia, and C has quite a few too. But all those empty shelves aren't helping me control my book-buying urges!

The owner seems to have left in a hurry, however, leaving a fair bit of stuff that wouldn't normally come with a furnished house -- we will ask the managing real esate agents about getting rid of some of that. (We also don't want two single beds permanently set up, so we will explore the possibility of dismantling one of those.)

We've unpacked and started stocking the fridge and buying household goods, and it's already starting to feel like home.


  1. I believe rental properties are quite pricey in England in general. How does your pad compare with a similar unit say in Glebe?

    Comment by Douglas — March 2010
  2. Sydney is now the second most expensive city to put a roof over your head in the world (comparing median house price to median income) behind Vancouver. Sydney also has about the largest space per person in houses.

    The median house price for Glebe is $885k, the median unit price is $415k. Most of the Innerwest is the same, though units in Ultimo and Newtown tend to be more modern and expensive.

    The average house price in Oxford is $663k and unit $305k (at todays rate of exchange).

    Terrance houses tend to be just a bit more expensive than units.

    Comment by David Watford — March 2010
  3. Thanks David, glad to know you. BTW are you in England or Down Under? You seem familiar with both scenes.

    Comment by Douglas — March 2010
  4. Welcome to Oxford Danny! Funny to think that after reading your reviews for years, you now live around the corner from me. In a funny symmetry, I am just making plans to move to Canberra.
    Hope you enjoy Oxford - It's been my home for 9 years and has been a wonderful place to live.

    Comment by Mark — March 2010
  5. Nice! Do you see your sister often?

    Comment by Zachary Uram — March 2010

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