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Arrival in Oxford

Life, Oxford — February 2010

I had an uneventful flight - the best kind - got through border control and customs at Heathrow, carted my baggage to the bus station, rang C, and had time for coffee and a croissant before getting the bus to Oxford.

It was -1 Celsius and the landscape had a dusting of frost on it, but it was bright and sunny and I found it refreshing and quite pleasant after a steamy Sydney summer.

C has been here three weeks, and has settled in to the attic study at my sister's place, where I've now fitted myself in as well. It's all very comfortable and homely, just as it was when I stayed here in 2007.

It hasn't really sunk in that Oxford is going to be my home for the next three years. Perhaps when we find a house of our own to rent, that may start to become a reality.


  1. Welcome to Europe, friend.

    Comment by Mark L — February 2010
  2. Danny,
    I am glad you got over ok with no major problems. You and Camilla are welcome down in Southampton for visit whenever you like. It is only an hour or so by train.

    cheers, Neil

    Comment by Neil — February 2010
  3. Welcome from me, too. Do they call the UK Europe these days?.....

    Comment by Marion K — February 2010
  4. I will stay clear of religious debates about whether the UK is in Europe or not! It is unarguably closer to Switzerland than Australia is.

    Comment by danny — February 2010

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