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First Books

Books + Ideas — March 2010

I waited 4 days before buying my first book, but have since run a little amok, acquiring 49 books in my first 21 days in the UK. These fall into several categories:

  • spontaneous purchases of books on sale at Blackwells, or found in the Last Bookshop (a discount shop where everything is £2, but which has interesting stock) or charity shops;
  • a pile of books I've been putting off buying online until I got to the UK;
  • a number of books bought as preparation for trips to Switzerland and Turkey.

Here's a photo of my first 40 acquisitions (click image for larger version with readable titles).

a shelf of books


  1. I'm sure Jenny would be happy to notice the slim dark-red Legenda volume in the horizonal stack. :-)

    Comment by Mark L — March 2010
  2. An update: After four and a half months in the UK I've acquired 147 books, of which I've read 48.

    Comment by danny — July 2010

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