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Our first guests

Oxford, — July 2010

Gabi was our first visitor, but she stayed with my sister. So Matthew and Colene were our first house guests, staying for two days as part of a trip around the UK and Europe.


punting is serious work!

Jenny showed us around Chirstchurch, so we got to see her rooms and the Jabberwocky tree as well as the Hall and the Cathedral. Then we had lunch at the Vaults and Garden, visited Blackwells, and spent two hours punting, along with Karina (another friend in Oxford).

On the second day Colene and Karina went shopping while Matthew and I visited the museums: the Natural History Museum, the Pitt Rivers, the Ashmolean, and the History of Science Museum.

We've got a busy summer for visitors: Gabi, Matthew and Colene, Selma, Yan, Vera and Peter, Jenny and Matthew, Savita, and Kristina. I was thinking the only real downside of being in Oxford is leaving so many of my friends behind in Sydney, but bringing them all over here to visit will fix that!

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  1. Welcome to Oxford

    Nice blog

    hope to meet up with you one day

    Sir Percy

    Comment by SirPerer — July 2010

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