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the transport geography of early childhood

Children, Life, Oxford, Transport — September 2016

Walking with Helen to the Cowley Rd Tesco yesterday made me think back on how her development and changes in transport modes have affected our experience of Oxford's geography. more

Wytham Woods

Oxford, Travel — April 2011

Camilla had applied for Wytham Woods permit last year, but we'd never got around to using it. But on Easter Sunday we went there for a picnic with Jenny and Thomas and the boys. more

Picking berries at Medley Manor Farm

Oxford — July 2010

eating fresh jam the next morning

Our friend Selma from Australia arrived last Saturday morning. She only had a day and a half here, so we whisked her off immediately, before jet lag could set in. We cycled up the Thames to Medley Manor Farm, where we picked blackberries and raspberries and strawberries and broad beans, and then had lunch in the Perch Inn. more

Our first guests

Oxford — July 2010

Gabi was our first visitor, but she stayed with my sister. So Matthew and Colene were our first house guests, staying for two days as part of a trip around the UK and Europe. more

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