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borrowing old books from the library

Books + Ideas, Children, — September 2021

The Oxfordshire library system has a lot of older books in storage (the "fiction reserve") - you won't find them on the shelves, but they're in the catalogue and you can reserve them for pickup. One of the nice things about these older books is that they still have stamped dates and card sleeves in their front covers. So we can see that this copy of Moonfleet was bought in 1972 for £1.50, and that it was being borrowed quite regularly between 2008 and 2010.


Coot Club and Moonfleet

the front of Moonfleet

The library system has newer paperback editions of the Swallows and Amazons books, still in the active part of the library, but I wanted the hardcover editions I read as a child (borrowed from Chatswood library). Sadly, someone has taken the endpaper maps out of these, I assume to sell as it was done quite neatly.

Some of the other old classics we've borrowed this way:


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