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higher penalties for more serious parking offences

Oxford, Transport — September 2022

Parking enforcement in Oxford is woefully poor and seems impossible to improve. This creates dangers for people walking and cycling and can impede motor traffic (especially buses). Scaled penalties would provide greater deterrent to the most problematic offences, without requiring additional enforcement resources.

In London the fines for lesser parking infringements are the same as in Oxfordshire (£60, with a 50% discount for prompt payment), but there's a higher penalty (£110) for more serious offences.

"Higher level penalties apply to contraventions which are considered more serious, such as parking on yellow lines or where an obstruction is caused. Lower level penalties apply generally where parking is permitted but the regulations are contravened, such as overstaying on a pay and display bay."

At least some non-London boroughs have similarly graded parking fines (Somerset is £50 and £70), so this must be possible in Oxfordshire. My suggestion is that the £60 penalty be kept for lesser offences and we follow London with a £110 fine for dangerous parking. The goal would not be to increase revenue from parking fines, but to improve compliance with regulations and improve road safety.

Oxfordshire should also push for a national ban on pavement parking.


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