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Wheatley windmill + Bishop Edward King chapel

Oxford, Travel — August 2013

A few weekends ago I went on a short cycle trip, with someone I had met on an earlier cycle tour, to two sights I hadn't known about: Wheatley windmill and Bishop Edward King chapel. more

religion in Oxford

Oxford — March 2013

A cosmopolitan city, Oxford has a religious diversity to match. more

Dorchester Abbey + Wittenham Clumps

Travel — August 2011

We slept in and had a lazy Sunday morning, but after lunch we drove down to Dorchester, which is just twenty minutes away. more

Wytham Woods

Oxford, Travel — April 2011

Camilla had applied for Wytham Woods permit last year, but we'd never got around to using it. But on Easter Sunday we went there for a picnic with Jenny and Thomas and the boys. more

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