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Wheatley windmill + Bishop Edward King chapel

A few weekends ago I went on a short cycle trip, with someone I had met on an earlier cycle tour, to two sights I hadn't known about: Wheatley windmill and Bishop Edward King chapel.


Wheatley Windmill

Bishop Edward King chapel

The first is an 18th century windmill, restored to the point where it actually operates and grinds flour (though they didn't have enough people to put the sails on when we were there, unfortunately). Camilla and Helen joined us here, coming by car, and we took turns climbing up the mill - some very narrow ladders, with hard hats provided - and had tea and cake outside. This was a pretty popular attraction (they only have a few open days each summer).

The second is the recently opened chapel at Ripon College, Cuddesdon, a striking piece of modern architecture. Judging by the guidebook, we were the only visitors there that day, which I found surprising - this may become more popular as word gets around. The chapel is in a very peaceful setting, nestled amidst the trees and a ring of attractive, mostly much older buildings.

It was a fairly easy cycle, maybe 14 miles all up, though there were a few hills even with some extra distance to avoid Garsington; the only major road was the B480 coming back.


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