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becoming British

Life — January 2017

I am now a British citizen, after a pleasantly low-key ceremony last Thursday in the County Hall. more

Harcourt Aboretum + Warburg Nature Reserve

Travel — November 2013

Taking advantage of the last few weeks of nice weather, we visited Harcourt Aboretum on the last Sunday of October and then Warburg Nature Reserve on the first Sunday of November. more

Wheatley windmill + Bishop Edward King chapel

Oxford, Travel — August 2013

A few weekends ago I went on a short cycle trip, with someone I had met on an earlier cycle tour, to two sights I hadn't known about: Wheatley windmill and Bishop Edward King chapel. more

Dorchester Abbey + Wittenham Clumps

Travel — August 2011

We slept in and had a lazy Sunday morning, but after lunch we drove down to Dorchester, which is just twenty minutes away. more

Brill + Otmoor

Travel — October 2010

Brill buildings

Camilla took the day off on my birthday and we drove out to Brill, where we looked at the old windmill (we couldn't go inside as it is only open in summer), had lunch in the Pheasant (moderately expensive, but rather good), and wandered across the common. We then visited the RSPB reserve on Otmoor. more

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