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2022 LTNs (and similar schemes)

Transport — February 2022

This an attempt to list all the low traffic neighbourhoods made permanent, or newly introduced, in 2022. It is largely based on information collected by @iambrianjones (Filter more Streets), so is probably London-centric. Let me know if I'm missing anything. more

passport renewal - art, banknotes, traffic

Books + Ideas, Transport, Travel — September 2019

I had to go into London to renew my Australian passport, so I took the opportunity to visit some attractions: the Bank of England Museum and the Guildhall Art Gallery. more

I am Ashurbanipal

Books + Ideas — February 2019

While Camilla was doing a choir conducting course, Helen and I went to a fantastic Ashurbanipal exhibition at the British Museum. For a while I was afraid she was going to insist on reading every word on every board and caption. Eventually she got tired and let me read them to her instead, but we were there until the exhibition closed and she must have read almost half the text in it.


Lo, all our pomp of yesterday
is one with Nineveh and Tyre!

even in hunting scenes, Ashurbanipal is depicted with a stylus in his belt; he was proud of being able to read and write Akkadian and Sumerian


the Waltham Forest mini-Holland - lessons for Oxford?

Oxford, Transport — February 2018

On Saturday I went on a tour of the Waltham Forest "mini-Holland" project, organised by CyclOx and hosted by the WF branch of London Cycling Campaign (thanks Paul and Dan!). We caught a mini-bus into London, then used Urbo dockless hire bikes to do a 14km loop around the borough, looking at what they've done and are doing. more


Travel — August 2012

We ended up going to two Olympic events, the archery and the table-tennis. more

Hans Rosling and the John Snow Society

Books + Ideas — September 2011

Last week Camilla and I went into London with two of her colleagues, to listen to Hans Rosling deliver the 2011 Pumphandle talk of the John Snow Society, "Epidemiology for the Bottom Billion - where there is not even a pump handle to remove!". more

Wellcome Collection + The Habit of Art

Books + Ideas — July 2010

On Saturday our friends Val and Paul took us to see Alan Bennett's The Habit of Art, at the National Theatre in London. more

London: British Museum + Courtauld Gallery

Travel — April 2010

In my first trip outside Oxford since I arrived here eight weeks ago, I went into London on Thursday with my sister Jenny. more

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