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class photographs and market failures

Books + Ideas, Children — June 2018

Helen's school recently had class photos taken. We bought a copy of hers, paying £13.50 to the photography company, without thinking about it much. But there are, on consideration, two major problems with the way this worked. The first is a failure of inclusivity. The second is a market failure, where goods fail to end up in the hands of the people who value them most. more

DSLR to mirrorless CSC: Olympus E-1 to E-M5 ii

Technology — November 2015

I recently acquired my fourth digital camera, an Olympus E-M5 II. This is not a replacement for my third camera, a little Canon Ixus 220 HS point-and-shoot bought in 2012 which I will keep as a carry-everywhere camera (and with which I took the photos below), but for my second camera, an Olympus E-1 . That was released in 2003, so is now something of an antique, but is still a fine camera and I have no plans to get rid of it yet. more

a new camera?

Technology — April 2014

I'm thinking of getting another camera (what would be my 4th digital camera). I've had my Olympus E-1 for just shy of ten years now but it's still going strong; I love using it and it takes fantastic photographs more

photos of Helen

Children — February 2013

This post is just for comments on the photos of Helen which I'm putting online elsewhere (I hate all the WordPress gallery options, because I want to edit text in a real editor). more

ice photos

Oxford — December 2012

Some photos from the cold snap last week. more

a new camera: Canon Ixus 220 HS

Technology — June 2012

I've just acquired my third digital camera, a Canon Ixus 220 HS (aka Elph 300 HS in the US). Comparing this with my first digital camera, a Canon Powershot S330 bought almost exactly a decade ago, provides a nice illustration of how much camera technology has improved. more

Enjoying spring in Oxford

Oxford — April 2011


After photographing chimneys, I switched to photographing people along High St. I stopped at the Last Bookshop (where I bought three books), got an icecream from G+D's, and then walked back home along the river, taking more photographs of people relaxing or rowing. more

East Oxford chimneys (photos)

Oxford — April 2011

To take advantage of a lovely sunny spring day, I walked into town, taking my camera. I'd had a lot of fun with the telephoto lens when we were in Africa, so I took that instead of my standard zoom. more

upgrading my camera

Technology — July 2010

For five and a half years now I've been using an Olympus E-1, which as digital cameras go is now something of an antique, since it was released seven years ago. more

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