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East Oxford chimneys (photos)

Oxford, — April 2011

To take advantage of a lovely sunny spring day, I walked into town, taking my camera. I'd had a lot of fun with the telephoto lens when we were in Africa, so I took that instead of my standard zoom.

On my way into town I carried out a study in East Oxford chimneys.

photo photo photo
photo photo photo
photo photo
photo photo
photo photo

I continued into town, where I switched to taking photographs of people, and came back along the river.


  1. Are they working chimneys? Only a few of them show tell-tale signs of usuage. There can't be that many households still rely on coal for heating or cooking. I don't think you can buy coal in Oxford they way we buy firewood for heating at the servo here. Can you?

    I spent about a year living in Newcastle in 1970. One of my housemates was a keen train spotter and he also knew where the train boneyards were. We visited a few and in the process picked up bags of coal along the tracks. We used the coal for heating. That's my only experience in using coal as a fuel.

    Comment by DL — April 2011
  2. A lot of the chimneys wouldn't get used at all, and the ones that are probably only have fires lit on special occasions. I don't think it's legal to use coal for heating or cooking - that was a big contributor to the terrible smogs the UK used to get.

    Comment by danny — April 2011

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