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Modern Art Oxford

Oxford, , — March 2014

I took Helen to Modern Art Oxford the other day. We had lunch there with Lucie (and her six-week-old, though she slept throughout) and my German tutor Annette, who I hadn't seen for ages. The cafe there is a nice space, with lots of room for toddlers to run around in and some sofas around a child-height table with paper and boxes of crayons. Helen and I are both very keen for her to learn how to walk - at the moment she just shuffles over to me, pulls herself up my legs and grabs my fingers, and then expects me to serve as her personal transportation device, providing balance while she runs around...

After lunch Helen and I did a quick tour of the galleries: not sure what she made of the Hannah Rickards installations, but then I wasn't sure what I made of them either! Then we went to the library, where I ran into Oxford Mommy, who recognised me from photos on my blog, and a child-minder who's regularly there on Wednesdays. After running loops around the library Helen was pretty tired, and fell asleep pretty much instantly on being put into the stroller. A good thing, because I was pretty worn out by then too.

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  1. I remember an TV ad which extolled the virtue of American Express card with Karl Malden proffering the advice not to leave home without it.In your case, it is the baby stroller. Carrying a sleeping babe can tire anyone out.

    Comment by DL — March 2014

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