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spires from Carfax


Coffee disloyalty cards

Life — February 2018


Modern Art Oxford

Oxford — March 2014

I took Helen to Modern Art Oxford the other day. more

places to eat in Oxford

Oxford — June 2012

Some of the places in Oxford we've eaten in and recommend. more

local shops

Oxford — September 2011

The little cluster of shops closest to us — around the junction of Magdalen Road with Hurst and Catherine Streets — has just gained two places to eat. more

Missing food

Life, Oxford — May 2011

There are a few deficiencies in Oxford's culinary scene. more


Travel — July 2010

We only had little bits of time to see Birmingham more

Picking berries at Medley Manor Farm


eating fresh jam the next morning

Our friend Selma from Australia arrived last Saturday morning. She only had a day and a half here, so we whisked her off immediately, before jet lag could set in. We cycled up the Thames to Medley Manor Farm, where we picked blackberries and raspberries and strawberries and broad beans, and then had lunch in the Perch Inn. more

Eating Out

Oxford — May 2010

We haven't been eating out nearly as often as we did in Sydney, but so far our experiences in Oxford have been quite good. more

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