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loved the Wee-Ride, can't fit a tag-along to my bike

Children — July 2017

Four years ago I posted here looking at moving-child-by-bike options, but I never followed that up. I ended up with a Wee-Ride centre-mounted seat, which I've been really happy with over the last three and a half years. more

the transport geography of early childhood

Children, Life, Oxford, Transport — September 2016

Walking with Helen to the Cowley Rd Tesco yesterday made me think back on how her development and changes in transport modes have affected our experience of Oxford's geography. more

male carer "tend and befriend"?

Books + Ideas, Life — September 2015

There are many areas in which becoming a father has had surprisingly little effect on me, but caring for Helen has clearly changed my social behaviour and probably my neurochemistry more

Modern Art Oxford

Oxford — March 2014

I took Helen to Modern Art Oxford the other day. more

baby moving equipment

Technology — March 2014

Some notes on equipment we've used for moving Helen around, in case our experience is useful for anyone else. more

The Wheels on the Walrus go Round and Round

Books + Ideas — November 2013

The lyrics of any children's song can be improved by changing a key word to "walrus". more

a proto-toddler

Children — October 2013

Helen went to Australia a baby and has come back a kind of proto-toddler. more

handedly handling the baby

Life — August 2013

Camilla and I are both right-handed, but we hold the baby in different orientations. She holds Helen with her head to the left, I with her head to the right. more

the National Childbirth Trust and the class system

Books + Ideas — June 2013

The National Childbirth Trust runs ante-natal classes for prospective parents, which midwives and friends all recommended to us, and we dutifully signed up for one. The classes themselves were vaguely useful, though I only made it to two of the five since Helen arrived early, but the big attraction is not the formal instruction but the chance to get to know a group of new parents with babies of the same age, living in the same area. more

cycling with a baby/child

Children, Oxford — April 2013

It's early days yet, but I'm starting to look at the options for moving Helen around by bicycle. The basic choices seem to be a front-mounted child seat, a rear-mounted child seat, a trailer, or some kind of front-load cargo bicycle or tricycle (bakfiets-style or modern variants on that). more

photos of Helen

Children — February 2013

This post is just for comments on the photos of Helen which I'm putting online elsewhere (I hate all the WordPress gallery options, because I want to edit text in a real editor). more

one month

Life — February 2013

Camilla made Pavlova to celebrate Australia Day, Madeleine visiting and Rosalind's birthday, and that went down a treat. And Helen slept peacefully through the whole event. more

Week 2

Life — January 2013

Home at last! more

Helen Ip Yee

Life — January 2013

I don't expect most of the planet to have any interest in this, but it's here for family and friends and the idly curious.

Day 0

"Sooner would I stand
Three times to face their battles, shield in hand,
Than bear one child." - Euripides, Medea (trans. Gilbert Murray)

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